Phone to phone modem


I’m interested in possibly buying a Mudita phone and getting more control over my offline life :slight_smile:, but I have a small question about the product: will the data modem also work on other smartphones or only on laptops? I’m asking this because I intend to use the Mudita with a secondary smartphone for music listening, etc, and I think I sometimes would like to be able to connect to internet with that device on the go as well.

Hope to hear from you! Kind regards, Sytze

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I’m hoping this is an option as well with an iPhone or smart phone without a SIM card and/or a iPad/tablet.

Hi @deschalk21, thanks for your comment. As a matter of fact, Mudita Pure will be able to serve as an external GSM modem via USB-c cable only. This decision was made primarily to minimize the SAR value of our phone.
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good question, can’t do bluetooth tether?

There will not be a Bluetooth tether at this moment.