Pertaining to GPS Navigation maps

I was looking up info on smart watches and I stumble across this application called oui. Basically what it is is text message based driving directions and you can also find things near by like grocery stores.
To me, this would be a perfect integration with Mudita and not waste time with trying to integrate maps, since this phone is billed as no internet.

Basically what you do is text a keyword such as drive or find to 3123131234 with the info you want.
Ex. Drive from your house to Dominos pizza and it gives you the directiona instantly.
It also shows the weather, etc.


Welcome, @Kevin_Moses!

The creator of that service has a post about it here:

Thanks for the reminder!


Yeah, I didn’t realize that this had been mentioned before, but I did a google search and it had been posted back in 2020 sometime.


I am still hoping that the Mudita desktop app will have the option to download offline maps for planned trips.


@chai1984 this is a really nifty idea. Let me ask my team about this.

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@chai1984 This verbatim is exactly what I need!

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