Pebble Grey or Charcoal Black?

We’re here with another update on Mudita Pure development! We’re also happy to announce that we’ve opened pre-orders on our website - it’s the first step towards the full online store that we’re building right now.
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I went with the pebble grey phone.


Going with charcoal black!


I think both look really great and if I were to choose one it would’ve been a tough pick. However, I think that there are a lot of black devices everywhere and this tone of gray in Pebble Gray version is so calming and relaxing to look at, so I guess I would’ve picked this one :slight_smile:


I’m a Charcoal Black girl :slight_smile:
I love the carbon name - it just strikes a chord for me!
And I love how minimalist it is - it’d look great with any bag and any outfit, black t-shirts and tattoos. Black colour & unapologetic phone.
I’m sold :slight_smile:


Just pre-ordered Charcoal Black :smirk:


Pebble gray is more neutral. I think I like charcoal black more!


I’m really struggling on which color to get. Wish I could see a video of how they look in action before I decide. Also with the front light would be nice as well.

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A black phone is so depressing, it just sits there absorbing all of the positivity out of the room. :wink:

I’ll have to watch a video about the charcoal black, but my girlfriend prefers the pebble grey.


I don’t remember the last time I spent so much time on a binary choice of colours. They both have pros and cons (in my books).

Grey Pros:

  • Looks unassuming yet modern
  • Blends in nicely with the e-ink screen
  • Reflects heat

Grey Cons:

  • May gather dirt quickly
  • May collect fingerprints faster
  • Potentially less contrast with keyboard illumination (but this is more of an assumption)

Black Pros:

  • Sleek, modern trend in electronics design, so blends in nicely with other tech
  • Doesn’t show dirt nor fingerprints
  • Potential better screen visibility - I’m mostly betting here on the strong white-screen to black-surroundings contrast; our eyes may pay more attention to what’s on the screen.

Black Cons:

  • Absorbs heat
  • The contrast with the white screen isn’t the most attractive design element

In the end I chose the Pebble Grey. It’s the closest design to a stone. I sometimes wear a worry stone as a necklace, it’s useful in some mindfulness or day-dreaming situations. Having this in a phone is an attractive trait. Moreover, knowing that it dissipates heat better than black just puts me at ease concerning heat-related electronics decay over time. Granted, it’s a minuscule worry, but I’m considering as many aspects as I can :slight_smile:
Another grey pro may be better visibility in low light conditions - can locate the phone better in a room for instance.

There is no bad choice in the end.


I went with Pebble Grey. It’s more muted colour should help it blend in with everyday objects and not stand out like most phones tend to do to get attention.


I just pre-ordered the Pebble Gray model. Sad about the lack of predictive text from the get-go, but hoping that they’ll release it in an update soon.

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Joseph Glover: you could name it Marvin!

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@iota I don’t understand, why ‘Marvin’?

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Sorry Joseph, I should have explained the joke. Marvin is the very downbeat android in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Your post above, about taking all the positivity from a room is almost a perfect description of Marvin.


I would’ve loved to get the Pebble Grey, but I can see the black lines of dirt in the cracks and noticable scuffs already. I’m sure some people find acceptance in entropy, but for me… I’m going with charcoal black to prevent seeing every little imperfection so soon! Haha

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@Manuel_Escobar GREAT choice :slight_smile: Thank you for choosing Mudita Pure! We’re sure you’ll be very happy with your new phone!

As soon as I’ve got the disposable dollars, picking up that Pebble Gray model.

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Great! Thank you!