Partnership reMarkable

How about a partnership with reMarkable ? I am a very happy user of the reMarkable 2, and it seems that Mudita and reMarkable share some interests. The E-ink to start with, but more importantly, the need for less distraction and less connection on the internet. Back to basics : back to real life, in a way. What do you think ?
reMarkable have released their second product and have gone through some difficultes due to the covid situation. Maybe they would share some piece of experience with mudita…


@anon51628811 This is definitely an interesting product. I’m going to check it out. Personally, I love the feel of writing in a notebook. Just something about it. I guess, I’m just “old school.” However, this device looks quite nice. Thanks for sharing.


Yes ! I’m using it for my studies. It prevents me from printing a lot of pdf… without any distraction.


@anon51628811 How about eye strain? Any opinion on that? My big thing is eye-strain & the last year (with all of the online meetings & working from home) has really done a number on my eyes.


Before the reMarkable, i used to read the pdf on my laptop. I can tel you that i prefer to read on the e-ink device. Period ! It’s way better for m’y eyes…


I used the Remarkable v.1 quite a bit. What is missing in both v1 and v2 is a screen backlight, wich means you need to have a reasonable amount of light where you plan to use it. For late reading I use a Onyx Boox with backlight and color temperature settings, you can mix cold and warm light with sliders until you find a pleasent level.


The reMarkable is particularly remarkable because it wants to be nothing more than a distraction-free digital sheet of paper. This idea has been implemented brilliantly. I have never had the feeling that a digital device comes so close to the look and feel of a paper notebook. And let’s be honest: a sheet of paper or a paper book doesn’t have a backlight either. But nobody gets upset about that, do they? So, light up and get to work on the reMarkable. In terms of design, mudita is very close to reMarkable. That’s why I would very much welcome it if mudita and the inventors of the reMarkable could exchange ideas for the purpose of cooperation. Especially since both companies are based in Europe.