One Big Challenge (and request)

One big request I have for Mudita Pure: keep the cost low if at all possible.
I understand that Mudita is NOT a huge tech company and that phones are expensive to produce in small quantities, making affordability challenging. That said, the new Light Phone II, which is attractive for a number of reasons, is $350. That’s $700 for me and my wife for a phone that basically makes calls and sends texts and little else.
I am willing to pay more for healthier tech, but $350 is too much. I know keeping the cost low may be one of the biggest challenges in this product launch, but I just wanted to make that request known!


Hi Sam! That’s a valuable point and I totally understand it, we’re doing the best we can to deliver a product that is affordable but designed and manufactured with the utmost care.

An important thing to bear in mind is that we’re aiming to deliver the best classic phone on the market. We think that people deserve to have an option to choose a high quality phone with their health and wellbeing in mind. High quality can and should be delivered in a conscious way, which is why Mudita Pure was entirely designed, developed and manufactured in the EU. Tailor-made by our team of engineers, who carefully selected each piece. It was built with durability in mind. They hand-picked every single component and have developed a proprietary operating system to ensure the best experience. Each piece was crafted to last.

We have taken into consideration every single feature as we bought and tested a number of similar phones and we always felt that there was room for improvement.

Another important aspect is that to deliver a phone with the lowest radiation level possible, this has been a R&D process spanning over five years, it was required to work out the solution and patent our technology. It took a number of industrial design companies to come up with the design we were aiming for.

The best time to buy Mudita Pure will be during our crowdfunding campaign where we will offer discounts to show our appreciation for the support of the people that want to make Mudita’s vision a reality.


Thank you, Kasia. That makes sense, and I do believe quality is worth paying for.
One question I have. Is there an estimate for how quickly Pure will be available after a successful kickstarter? Is it ready to go to production, or does a lot of development work remain?

I ask because I’ve had some bad experiences on kickstarter where it has taken 2+ years to get a product, and one I still haven’t received.


Yes, I feel you, that’s why we actually decided to move our campaign to September this year, so it will be closer to the shipment date. We’re still in the development phase, but the works on the phone are very advanced.
We plan to ship the product in spring 2020.