On-phone tethering and USB transfer activation?

I see on the forum that your software is needed on the computer to use tethering on the Mudita Pure. Can’t it be just a setting on the phone, so when you enable it the phone is recognized as a standard USB modem, like Android phones do?
This way you can enable it on every computer with any OS without specific software.

Same question for the music: can it be a standard protocol (even MTP) activated on the phone, so we can use any software to do the transfers.


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@breizh I’m going to check on this & get back to you.

@breizh I found out that, it’s also possible to use tethering without our software but it might be trickier. Mudita Center is not a prerequisite to use tethering but it might make it easier for the users to enable and use it.


Thanks, that’s good to know. And about the file transfer?

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Seems like you can use other mtp clients to transfer files. Fuse for example, if you’re on Unix.

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