Oh boy, Google is at it again!

Google is providing information to police based on what people are searching for, including data like IP addresses. What are your thoughts on this?

It’s time to get a VPN!

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@kirkmahoneyphd Already got one :smiley: I needed it because I signed up for Fox Nation :smiley: (thanks to you) Watching the Ronald Reagan Assassination Doc

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I use duckduckgo for a few years now. Works perfectly.


I have stopped selling my ebooks on Google Play Books because of this news. Google lost my trust. Google no longer deserves to earn ebook-sales revenue from my readers.


Not surprised by this one single bit. Disgusting to say the least…

It’s more than just a VPN that you’ll need.

VPN = Privacy of data being transmitted.
Tor = Anonymity of who is transmitting said data.

If using a VPN while logged into Google, you defeat the purpose of the VPN (which I’m sure you know).

Nevertheless, I believe you will benefit from and enjoy this resource: The Hitchhikers Guide to Online Anonymity.


Wow! This intently brought back the memory of a TV show episode: Drop Dead Diva, Episode 606 - Desperate Housewife
Synopsis taken from imbd:
“Grayson and Jane are pressed by the government to defend a housewife whose family is clueless why she’s held incommunicado on nationals security-related charges so secret even the judge isn’t given the full version. Having guessed it must be because of the Petersons’ unfortunate Internet search history…”


@urszula, given a focus of the Mudita Pure on freeing people from smartphone addiction and that you have a Fox Nation subscription, I recommend the 13-October-2021 episode of Tucker Carlson Today – “America Addicted”.

It’s an interview of Anna Lembke, M.D., a psychiatrist who wrote Dopamine Nation. She talks starting at approximately 45 minutes into the interview about the addictiveness of smartphones.

Quoting from [the sales page for Dopamine Nation](Dopamine Nation):

The smartphone is the modern-day hypodermic needle, delivering digital dopamine 24/7 for a wired generation. As such we’ve all become vulnerable to compulsive overconsumption.

If you have time, then I recommend that you watch the hour-long interview from the beginning.

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@kirkmahoneyphd Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely take a look at it.