Not happy bout my ohone

I‘m not happy. Got my phone after 3 years. Not what i expected. Phone calls are almost impossible to hear. Batterie not as longlife as told. And i reached out for the support twice. No answer… i‘m frustrated

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@manila We sorry you’re not satisfied. We will gladly accept the return & refund your purchase price. Our apologies for the delayed response to your request. I will contact our customer service department to make sure they got your message & are processing the refund.


costumer service replied to me on 6/14/22. However, with a very opaque answer. I could return the goods up to 2 weeks after expressing my wish to return. Only, I have already expressed this will more than 2 weeks before and waited an eternity for their response!
Now I’m already waiting again for a confirmation that I can return the goods. Because in my mind, the date should apply, which confirms ME that the return is okay.
I am afraid that I will not see the phone or the money again after the return. Can they understand this?
I must say, the phone has appealed to me very much. The idea and all the great ideals behind it. I raved about it to my friends. Three years long! The reality now disappoints me deeply! Eternal waiting times for product and answers. The phone does not fulfill its promise and the customer service is opaque and incompetent.
I would now like to return the phone! It has been sitting here for weeks in its original packaging. However, I am waiting for a confirmation that this package is accepted despite overdue date (not my fault)!
Thank you

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@manila I’m sorry you’re not happy with the service you’ve received. I’ve just read through your conversation with Robert & it clearly states that we would accept the return. He even provided an address where the phone should be shipped to. Did you receive this email? If you’d like tp return the phone, please ship it back. We will gladly process your refund.