No-mobile banking

So, my bank requires a smartphone to do anything on-line.

Are there any cloud based mobile banks (similar to N26, Revolut…) that do not require a smartphone?

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@roxx Are they requiring you to have the banking app? Or is it just to confirm transactions?

For confirming card payments and generating security codes for browser banking login :slight_smile:

No JOMO on paid bills…

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@roxx My bank only sends text messages with number codes. Are you in the US or Europe?

I also have the same issue. Logging into to my online bank on the web browser requires a SIM/Mobile Signature, which seems to not be implemented on Mudita Pure phone

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This is one of the “issues” I have, and that’s why if I change to a Mudita phone in the future, it needs to tether with the iPad because I can have all these apps there IF I need them.