Next step - smartphone, more?

Hi, I backed the Pure yesterday, now waiting for it and a big change to my life I hope it will help me with.

But for me, Pure it is not a solution for the entire day or entire year but for a part of it that should be mine and concentrated on me and my family and friends. In my work, it will not fit my basic needs (communication with clients and coworkers). When travel, can be enough but misses some very useful features.

So I’m looking forward to your next step - the smartphone:
a) I like the idea of e-ink
b) I think of a name… Mudita Smart? ;p
c) GPS is essential (travel)
d) e-mail very useful as an option (work)
e) WI-FI hot spot please (work)
e) browser - with e-ink, it is not so bad - I’m thinking of that I can check e.g. opening hours of an opera. E-ink will be - I believe - enough to stop from looking for stupid things ;p
d) google - e.g. maps, e-mail, calendar - is it possible for you to get these apps and make them useful in e-ink and your OS?
e) I agree with no camera, no YT, no FB = big YES

On the other side - Mudita tab? laptop? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your response.

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