NEW UPDATE POSTED! More devices shipped!

We are excited to share this update with you!
This week we already shipped out 144 phones and are preparing to ship out another 288 units. We are now focusing on significantly increasing our production of the Pebble Gray color and catching up with all the shipments. This week, out of the 288 units to be shipped out, 152 units are Pebble Gray.
We also started shipping ecommerce orders for Charcoal Black devices!


Congratulations! That will be BIG news when you have finished shipping to all crowdfunders. They absolutely deserve to be the first to get the Pure. I am glad that I placed an ecommerce order instead, as I would like to get the Pure with the first major update installed or available. Thanks, @urszula!


I’m looking forward to that day. :slight_smile:


Haven’t gotten any extra details. I’ll dm you @urszula. Thank for the update.


Hello, I’m still waiting for my pebble gray Mudita. I remember responding to a request for my color preference and shipping address, but I haven’t received any further requests or notifications. Please help? @urszula

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@agapemama Thank you for reaching out & welcome to the MUDITA community. You can DM me your order number & I can check on it for you.

The system isn’t allowing me to send you a DM, as it says that new users cannot send a personal message to you. I have taken screenshots of the email of my pledge from 10/24/2019. It’s under Vanessa Silversmith. I will try to attach one of the screenshots.
Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello again, if my order is not going to be sent, can you please refund my money?
I am unable to DM you. Can you please DM me @urszula ?

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@agapemama For refunds, please email our customer support at, unfortunately due to privacy/security only they have access to all that data, They will need to verify some info with you. I will give them a heads up to expect your email.

Hello @urszula
I just received the Mudita phone on 5/24, and it seems that there is a problem with the display. The phone already had a message on the screen when I opened the box. I turned it off, and now the last message where it asked me to confirm that I wanted to power off the phone is still visible even though the phone is off. This is certainly not what I hoped for in a brand new device. I have attached a photo showing what I am describing.

Please advise on what the options are to remedy this.

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Mudita Pure uses an e-ink display - the things you mention are normal. E-ink screens can display content even when they are off and not receiving any power. Also, after switching between different views in the user interface, ghosting can appear - which usually disappears after another refresh. The screen refreshes by a single flicker from white to black. But I haven’t seen your picture, so I can’t verify if this is the thing you are experiencing.


@agapemama Thanks for reaching out. What @john_dumpling describes is certainly true. It would help if you could post a picture of what it looks like.