New MuditaOS update released! 1.4.0 is here

We’ve just released a new update for the Mudita Pure phone.
Here are the change notes:


  • Added basic MMS handling. (OK- don’t get too excited :slight_smile: This will only let you know that someone has sent you an MMS- this way you can respond & tell them that your phone does not handle such messages & for them to email you the picture)


  • Added state refresh when BT automatically turns off.

Changed / Improved


  • Added Polish translation to a calendar title.


  • Changed USB logging.
  • Improved keyboard responsiveness.
  • Improved lock screen power consumption.


  • Separated system volume from Bluetooth device volume for A2DP.


  • Fixed issue with music not pausing when BT device is disconnected.
  • Fixed music player behavior when connecting/disconnecting audio devices.
  • Fixed issue with message handling in which characters not supported by Pure appear.
  • Fixed problem with message display on Pure for Verizon network.
  • Fixed issue with inability to send SMS.
  • Fixed mixed SMS messages.
  • Fixed SIM card pop-ups not showing.
  • Fixed disappearing manual alarm and vibration volume setting in German.
  • Fixed an issue with the screen not displaying a message about changing the phone mode from DND/Offline/Connected.
  • Fixed USB connection/disconnection detection.
  • Fixed passcode lock time discrepancy between lock screen and ‘Wrong password’ popup.
  • Fixed lost bytes in logs.
  • Fixed cellular DMA errors.
  • Fixed order of the services while closing system.
  • Fixed removing wrong sentinels.
  • Fixed crash during phone turn off.
  • Fixed PLAY label translation in German.
  • Fixed memory leaks in APN settings.
  • Fixed poor phone responsiveness.
  • Fixed crash on entering PIN settings.
  • Fixed crash of the E-ink service while restoring system data.
  • Fixed dropping the call during the DND mode.
  • Fixed improper duration of the rejected outgoing call shown in calls log.
  • Fixed turning on loudspeaker before outgoing call is answered.
  • Fixed no call log entries in DND mode.
  • Fixed wrong tethering popup order.
  • Fixed Bluetooth volume control issues.
  • Fixed Bluetooth state first rendering off.
  • Fixed crash on importing un-processable contact.
  • Fixed the order in which contacts are displayed in the list.
  • Fixed incorrect nav text in onboarding for time zone and date time.