New Mudita Center v1.7.0 has been released

Take a moment to update your software.


@urszula is providing us with bleeding edge news! So, even the release notes appear currently missing for v1.7.0 on Support and on Download page of Mudita Center :wink: Thus, attached for convenience the Github link with the according information.


I noticed that now you can update to the latest version, instead of having to go through multiple versions if you missed an update.


I wonder if you could go down in releases, just to check in real time if the new update does all the things you thing it does. Is this a possibility? @urszula ?


Does anyone else get a pop up from their antivirus software that says that this is a potentially dangerous download? Anytime I try to update Mudita Center it activates my antivirus and I get a message that it’s a potentially dangerous file.


This is most likely due to application binary signing. You should be able to set an exemption for Mudita Center within your antivirus application. It’s inconvenient, but both Apple and Microsoft tend to attempt to dissuade users from anything they’ve not personally vetted.

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