New Mudita Center 2.0.0 update released with Files Manager for Harmony

In this update, we’ve introduced some exciting enhancements and resolved numerous issues within the Mudita Center application.

Now, you have the ability to upload your favorite audio files directly to Mudita Harmony, providing a seamless audio experience.

Please note: you must update to Mudita Center 2.0.0 in order to update your Mudita Harmony.

We’ve also turned our attention to fixing bugs, rectifying 17 significant issues within the application.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what’s new and improved:

File Manager:

  • You can now upload music files to Mudita Harmony, further enriching your Harmony experience.
  • Fixed an issue where pop-up notifications incorrectly displayed information about file deletions.


  • Resolved an issue where contacts imported from a SIM card weren’t visible in Mudita Center.


  • Rectified an issue that caused an inaccurate display of signal range for Mudita Pure without a SIM card.
  • Enhanced the handling and display of long backup paths in the backup summary pop-up.


  • Streamlined the search mechanism across all applications for a more efficient experience.
  • Resolved a problem with the operating system incorrectly displaying the device name.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Mudita Harmony updates when memory was full.


  • Revamped the design of labels within the message application for better readability.


  • Fixed a problem to ensure reports are automatically assigned to the correct device (Mudita Pure or Mudita Harmony).


  • Enhanced the message that appears when attempting to backup on a device with full memory.

Sequential Update:

  • Refined the sequential update process for Mudita Harmony, particularly in instances where the onboarding process wasn’t completed.


  • Fixed an issue with the app displaying messages that have been deleted on Mudita Pure.
  • Resolved an issue preventing the deletion of an empty message thread.


  • The news section has been updated with the latest publications, keeping you up-to-date with all the newest information.

We continue to strive for excellence, and your feedback plays a crucial role in this process.

Thank you for being a part of the Mudita community.


Finally! Congrats guys on finally making this happen.


@kanecitzen <3

Thank you! Especially for your support and patience. I must admit, I was also eagerly waiting for this update. I’m Team Harmony (although I know Bell has its loyal fans too) and the ability to upload my own sounds for relaxation is a game changer for me. I had the pleasure of testing this functionality for you, and honestly, it was hard not to share the beta version with the world. :))

I’ll make sure to pass on your congratulations to the teams. They’ll be delighted to hear it. :slight_smile:


I’m now updating my Mudita Center with the newest version. So far so good. I also started a thread for feedback.


I uploaded an MP3 file and it shows as “Music” in Mudita Center. But I don’t see any changes on the Harmony. In particular, the MP3 does not show up in the alarm selection in the settings. How do you actually put the stuff you uploaded to use?


Hi @tias & welcome to the Forum!

The file you uploaded should show up in the Relaxation mode – this is where we put File Manager to work. Could you check if you see your sound there, please? If not – we may need the help of our amazing support team.

As for uploading custom alarm sounds, it is not possible at the moment. Is that something you would be interested in? (We’re keeping track of this Community’s feedback and pass it on to our product teams)


I would love to able to change the ringer on the Pure if possible due to the current tones being just too low in my opinion. I know this is unrelated to the Harmony but I thought it somewhat applicable.


@skilletsauce This is a feature that several users have requested, so we did pass it on to our devs. We’re hoping that they will make this happen.


Hi @aleksander.

I’m absolutely interested in custom alarm sounds. I view the Harmony as primarily an alarm clock. The relaxation mode is more of a curiosity; there are so many apps you can listen to in headphones and get better sound quality anyway. So I’m surprised that you chose to implement this for relaxation mode and not for the alarm. For this price especially, I feel the alarm functionality needs to be at least as good as the stock alarm app in a typical phone - which offers custom alarm sounds, can keep track of daylight savings time, and can set multiple alarms for different days of the week.

That said, I was able to find the uploaded file in the relaxation mode section so I guess it is working as intended.


Hey. The file manager functionality was the main feature that convinced me to buy Harmony - I’m glad it’s finally here. I have one problem with it, though. I’d like to know what music file formats are supported. Some of my guided meditation mp3 files from books I purchased ages ago are not working (with an error message “file not supported”), while other mp3 files like regular music files (I’ve tested with some Guns’N’Roses songs;) ) are working just fine. I’d rather meditate with my Harmony than have a rock party:P
Best regards


Hi @krooh ! Welcome to the Forum :love_letter:
I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble uploading guided meditation files to your Harmony!
Having consulted with Harmony team I think the files you’re uploading may have an unusual bitrate. Would it be possible for you to try to convert a sample file to 320kbps and see if it works?
Let’s get this fixed! :alarm_clock:


This is a pretty good suggestion. I’ll do the conversion tomorrow and report my findings here.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
Another idea I got from our dev team is to convert MP3 to Sample Rate 44100/48000 as Mono/Stereo (if the first solution doesn’t work out).


Thanks @tias – I passed your feedback to the Harmony team.
I do not know what the next big thing for Harmony is, but I know that its software is continuously updated and made better.
Have a good day! :sunny:


Cześć Aleksander!
Converting to 320kbps did the trick, now the track works perfectly. Just FYI it was 64kbps originally.
Thank you for being so helpful.


YAY! Harmony team and I are SO happy to hear this.
Miłego słuchania :tada: