My Refund - is the company going bust?

I ordered 3 Mudita Pure phones in April 2021…

I gave up on the company and at the end of January 2022 I requested a refund. I was told this would be processed straight away. So far I have received nothing and my emails are being ignored!!!

Please beware before you send money to this company!

Greg Coleman


Don’t worry, usually this type of situation gets resolved here on this forum.


Hello Greg,
I’m sorry to hear that you have some issues with the refund.
I asked my team to investigate your case, but I can assure that any refund request are being processed as we promised.
I’m sure the situation will be solved quickly.


Hi Wojciech,
well, I am glad to hear that, but just like Greg I am worried. I have cancelled my order as well and want to wait for the phone to become more finished and refined.

I also could not wait any longer since you were not able to hit the expected date of delivery, so I bought another phone this week.

I understand all these things can happen with a new product and up until now I still want to stay positive towards your company. But my mails, in which I requested a confirmation of my cancelation and asked for a quick refund, remain unanswered. That is just bad customer service and it damages one of the most important things a company can have: their customers‘ trust.

My order number is #16295567. Please get back to me and take care of the refund.
mudita always promised that cancelations and refunds were possible before the product was shipped… After the delay I need to take you up to that promise now.


Hello Christoph,

thank you for letting me know about your issue and sorry for the inconvenience.
I asked the team to investigate what happened and can assure we’ll solve it as we did with Greg’s case.
Please expect a message from the support team very soon.
All the best,

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Thank you for getting back to me so fast and for solving the issue. I got a full refund and find it only fair to let the forum know about this.

Like I said before, I am still looking forward to seeing mudita figure out the early issues with the mudita pure. I like the company‘s ideas.


@stay-awake Thank you for taking the time to let us know that everything worked out. We appreciate all the support & encouragement.


I requested a refund as well and nothing has happened. My order does not appear in my order que anymore I sent an email my order number is 13632652 my email is dlarson648@gmail.Com there was a charge to my card so I know it was paid for

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I would also like a refund. Order 3000000446

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@dlarson We’re sorry that you’re experiencing some issues, however, our records show that you just sent your refund request YESTERDAY (March 30th at 11:45PM Warsaw time) Unfortunately we do not work during those times & just started processing you refund this morning. Our apologies if you feel like we’ve ignored your request, it wasn’t our intention, we simply were not online at 11:45 at night. Our records don’t show that we received any other communication regarding a refund prior to that. If you did send one, please let us know when, because it did not reach us.
Again, we’re sorry you’re not satisfied with your experience, but we did start processing your refund this morning & you should receive it shortly.

@johnodon Your refund was also received late last night & was processed this morning. You should receive your refund shortly.

Writing here since I have yet to receive a response to now 3 emails sent to about my refund for order 13720553.

I sent an initial request for the refund and got the refund confirmed on april 19th. Since then I sent a follow-up email on april 28 and again May 3rd and then again May 5th. In all emails I’ve asked for when I can expect the refund to reach my bank account (as I have yet to receive it), but have yet to receive an answer to any of the three emails.

Hoping you can provide me with any updates as I’m getting impatient given that the refund confirmation was sent more than two weeks ago and wording in confirmation email was “your funds should be back with you shortly”.


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@thomas0c Thank you for reaching out. I asked our customer service dept. about your refund & our systems shows your refund was processed. Sometimes it takes up to 2 wks for the money to show up in your account. This is something we don’t really have control over. I will check with customer support if there is anything else we can do.