My experience with Mudita Pure


Got my mudita pure phone a week ago and was thrilled to finally start using it.

It significantly lowered my screen time and changed my mindset, just like that.

Unfortunately the software is to immature for it to be of any practical use.
Handsfree bluetooth doesn’t work with the car.

One morning I accidentally snoozed, causing the phone to vibrate constantly with unresponsive UI. Forcing me to remove the battery for it to restart.

Showed it to coworker, froze entire phone after testing the calculator.

Calls got cancelled due to bad reception on route that I’ve never had issues with before.

This evening my wife tried to reach me for hours while out of town, the phone lied dead in my pocket. It literally just crashed on idle screen, not being able to receive texts or calls.

I’m a software engineer for a living and can say without a doubt that this phone has never been tested before it reached my hands.

Took out the battery and put it in my drawer, will try it again in a couple of months after quarterly software updates.

Best of luck to you, I believe in you and this product is something I really want in my life.

See you next time.


Thanks for your comment.
I’m “trying” using Mudita Pure since last month. I can also say that software if defenitely not ready. Call quality is the most disapointed thing.
Couple of times just before the alarm (6 o’clock in the morning) phone freazes on 5:59 (battery remove fixes the issue) - I’ve sent the logs to mudita.
I like the idea and think if phone will work as it should (with great call quality) it be a great device.
It still needs a lot of software work!