Mutida E-mail Server....What do you think?

Would Mutida ever consider making an email platform or server? Doesn’t have to be in conjunction or usable by the MutidaPure phone, it could, but I am thinking separately… Not sure the logistics of making that. But a private trusted server people could use that is not gmail or outlook, but also an option that is not hosting their own email server?

Is this plausible, desired by others or already out there somewhere and I’m missing it?
Or is it a ridiculous inquiry?


While I understand and share a lot of the excitement about Mudita as a company, I will try to respectfully put a small dampener on this “Mudita the saviour will save us from all those evil corporations” sentiment that I gather from your question (I might be wrong).

Specifically in regards to Email i want to give some pointers:
Email is by all means an old, mature technology that was never designed with privacy or security in mind. There was some additional development done after the fact to remedy some of that (encryption), but in the grand scheme of things, E-mail is outdated.

Nevertheless, we all use Email everyday for communication. Here is my recommendation along with some (hopefully) easy to grasp analogies:

  • Be mindful about what you share via E-mail. Treat it like a postcard, not a sealed letter. Wouldn’t put it on a postcard? Don’t put it in an Email.
  • PGP is recommended and easy to set up (e.g. with the Thunderbird Email client).
    Congratulations, you can now treat your email like you would a normal sealed letter. If it is still sealed when you get it, you know the mailman didn’t read it.
  • Next Step: Encrypt your Email with end to end encryption. Your sealed letter now uses a secret code. Even if the mailman opens it, he can’t read it. However, he still knows whenever you get mail and might especially remember big exiting packages or letters from exotic locations.
  • To get away from Google and Apple, check out Protonmail. Congratulations, your postman is now is a friendly Swiss guy that promises not to care what kind of mail you get.
    However, if most of your friends that you get stuff from or send stuff to have a postbox with Google or Apple, what is the point of switching out your local mailman?

In my opinion, there is no benefit of having Mudita provide an email service.
Even if they had the development resources, these would probably be spent better on other, more promising projects.

Sorry if I sounded too cynical :wink:


@madjam thank you for your message. Well, it is an interesting idea, however, I do not think that we will take it under consideration. At least now.
The main reason why is because we make consumer electronics. Well, maybe when Mudita becomes as big as Apple company, we will rethink this idea. :slight_smile:


Just want to chime in to say that I just watched The Social Dilemma and felt a need to remove myself from the clutches of Google (via Gmail) and social media. I deleted my Twitter and Instagram (I feel so much lighter!) but have found alternatives to Gmail to be inconvenient and crappy substitutes. I instantly thought of Mudita and wondered if you all had ever considered an email platform. It sounds like it might not be the cards for you all right now, but I want to add my voice here to say that I hope you might toy with the idea in the future, because you all are a company I feel like I would trust with my data and who has the UX and moral background to pull off a mail experience that’s humane :slight_smile:


@moon9river Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate the trust & confidence you’ve placed in us. Listening to experiences like yours motivates us every day & helps us improve our product offer. Currently, don’t have any plans for an email server, however, just like @anon32466100 said, we don’t want to limit ourselves by saying NEVER, so we’ll just say “stayed tuned.” :slight_smile:

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Ideally, you should never require email ever again: not for resetting passwords, not for communicating with friends, not for receiving bought tickets, not for sharing photos, not for receiving advertising or scams . E-Mail is old technology, as @moon9river has pointed out, and it is just not the right tool for the job for anything I can think of.

Unfortunately it can be difficult at times to get rid of old technology (anyone still using fax at work like I have to?).

Privacy and E-mail is an inherent contradiction. Do your research if you don’t believe me. PGP is a nice, but to be honest a failed attempt at adding privacy emails, for many reasons. Don’t bother. My recommendation? Use a messenger. Whatever your friends are using, be it Signal, Threema, Whatsapp, Telegram, iMessage, Element (formerly Riot), XMPP with Omemo… All of them have their advantages and disadvantages and none of these are perfect, but at least for some usecases they are the right tool for the job.

Signal wins for me on privacy and trustworthiness, Threema wins for me for their business model pushing their technology to business scenes, Jitsi wins for hosting online meetings, Whatsapp wins for for bringing End-to-End encryption to the masses (note though: you are giving your address book away for free to Facebook, every day), Telegram has not convinced me in any way, but seems to be quite popular among some kind of people, iMessage wins for Apple fanboys…

The perfect tool doesn’t exist yet. E-Mail has shown that a federated decentralized system is great in a way. But this feature hinders innovation. That’s why E-Mail will never be fixed. Modern tools are not interoperable. Maybe some day in the future they will be, but it’s unlikely… We’ll just have to learn this important skill: choose your tool wisely for the job you need it.


@thinkround I don’t know about you, but I’m a HUGE fan of the lost art of letter writing. BUT I do agree, the privacy of messenger app is far superior to email. One of my favorite messaging apps is Wickr Me.


Maybe ProtonMail?


I love ProtonMail - I’m slowly working to de-Google my life before I jump out of it all with the Mudita Pure.

So far, ProtonMail looks to offer a lot of services similar to Google, but encrypted end-to-end & privacy-focused.

They are working on ProtonDrive, a Google Drive alternative, as well.

Something to think about - Really interesting company that appears to be highly invested in Digital Health, wellbeing & privacy.


@urszula The Mudita Space link states that a Mudita Client is in fact coming (hopefully soon).:crossed_fingers: Does this mean you’re as big as Apple now? :rofl: You weren’t giving yourself enough credit!


@mindful321 This is why I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this Forum because it serves as a discussion platform for the services YOU guys want to see. This thread started in October 2020, a little less than a year ago & enough people expressed interest, so we went for it. I don’t think we’ll ever be as big as Apple :smiley: but it’s a nice thought that we COULD BE :smiley:

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@mindful321 Thanks for sharing this! I signed up for the beta.

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