MuditaOS update with standard tools

Is there a way to update MuditaOS using standard tools like fwupdmgr or dfu-utils? Installing yet another sw which is unavailable through distro repositories seems like meaningless hassle.

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right now it is not possible - MuditaOS use a proprietary protocol to transfer firmware update to the device, so it is not possible yet to use those tools.
You probably need to install those tools either way :slight_smile: And by using Mudita Center you can do much more than only a firmware upgrade.

But you gave me an idea - it might be useful if Mudita Center would be available on distros repos :stuck_out_tongue:

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@god I think the best person to answer this is @Bartosz_sp2fet

Faster than a lightning :zap:


@Bartosz_sp2fet I know I can always count on you :slight_smile: