MuditaOS goes Open Source - join the Developer Preview!

Dear Community,

The day has come! We have announced that MuditaOS will go fully Open Source on the day of the official launch. We have also created a dedicated MuditaOS subpage highlighting the features of the operating system - make sure you check it out as well.

As of today, we would like to invite you for a Developer Preview of our operating system and active participation in creating the operating system that runs on Mudita Pure.

To sign up for the preview please fill in the form so we can follow up with the next steps.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are on starting this Open Source journey! We look forward to working with you on the best possible operating system for Mudita Pure.


So excited!! I’ll be applying soon :smiley:


Please do and thank you!

Will the OS support application development? It seems to me like a lot of the arguments around functionality of the Pure OOTB can be addressed by allowing application development on the OS.

Looking forward to this.


Hi @carson
When it comes to creating apps for MuditaOS there will be at least two possible ways of doing it:

  1. Fork it (create a copy of it), change it (write a new app) and upload it to their phones. Changes will be available to others so other people can also install this version of the software. Mudita doesn’t take responsibility for installing such versions.

  2. People can make changes to the original repository which if get approved will land in the official release of MuditaOS and will be available to all users.

As of today, there’s no app store - but who knows what the future holds :wink:

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This is awesome! I wouldn’t have bought the phone if it had been closed source. Looking forward to the preview.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I’ve just discovered Mudita and MuditaOS thanks to a post in the Free Software Foundation members forum where they celebrate the announcement of going “Open Source” with the GPL license and thus being Free Software.

The fact that a innovative company like Mudita is backing Free Software is HUGE for the community and something that is definitely more needed in this creepy world.

Thank you for this decision and I hope that the hole company fully embraces Free Software and it’s philosophy across everything you do.
As long as you keep aligned with this values I’ll love to contribute to the project in everything I can. Of course I will also buy Muldita Pure/Bell and whatever you do with these principles since they are dream devices for someone trying to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle everyday like me.

Free Software + Minimalism = :heart:

Thanks again!


@pablojimpas Thank you so much for this! I hope you’ve signed up for the Developer Preview - we’ll be sending some next steps really soon. Thank you for all the kind words :bowing_man:

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Yes I’ve just signed up! I’m excited to know more about the tech stack and ready to start learning whatever I need to help


So, are you going to accept modifications from other users? Are we going to be able to help in fixing bugs? If so, how can we test our development? is there some kind of simulator we could use?


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Let me address your questions one by one.

So, are you going to accept modifications from other users?

If our core development team finds the modifications valuable then YES.

Are we going to be able to help in fixing bugs?

Yes, of course!

If so, how can we test our development? is there some kind of simulator we could use?

There is a simulator and our documentation includes a manual on how to quick start with the development environment for MuditaOS.

Please sign up for the Developer Preview so that you get a bigger chance to be one of the first people to enter the repository and support us with your feedback.
I hope that answers your questions.

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I applied already for the Developer Preview and I asked some questions I received about other contributions in open source projects. I am looking forward for your green light to start.

Can’t wait. Thanks a lot for your clarifications. I hope to be able to contribute soon.

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I applied for the Developer Preview a couple days ago - hope to be approved soon. I’m curious if MuditaOS or its apps have been run through a static code checker yet - something like Coverity. There’s a no-cost version of Coverity available for open source projects ( If I get access and this hasn’t been done yet, it might be good to see if a Coverity scan turns up any issues. Let me know what you think…thanks!

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Hi @gmbeihl
Currently here’s what we’re using for static code checks:

  • We have enabled a full static code check in GCC since we’re using one of the latest versions
  • We use ClangTidy, which will be soon a part of our CI process
  • We use ClangFormat

I hope this answers your questions. All the best!

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