Mudita vs Light Phone EMF Values


  • Mudita: 5.2 mg and 0.73 uT
  • Light Phone: 6.0 mg and 0.83 uT

10 Min Call:

  • Mudita: 8.7 mg and 0.90 uT
  • Light Phone 2: 11.5mg and 1.15 uT

@Jose_Briones This is GREAT. Thanks for the info.

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Ty for this! I am just gtg up to speed on EMF, so above appears to be all magnetic field related. Please, correct me if I am wrong b/c I am just learning. I did pull some conversation charts, but they did not line-up very well. Does your meter measure RF at all? Just throwing it out there. I know we have the SAR rating and tool on the website, but wondering practical application? For instance the TriField measures in mW/m2 and the safe and sound pro measures in uW/m2


Agree, measurements in mW/m2 would be highly helpful.

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and @mrm

Here it is in mW/m2

Mudita: 9.549e-1 mW/cm2
LP2: 1.375e+0 mW/cm2

Mudita: 2.653e+0 mW/cm2
LP2: 3.820e+0 mW/cm2


Thank you Jose! For folks following - here is a nifty conversion chart I found online that may help:


Thanks @Jose_Briones for taking the time to do this.

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Just to confirm your values for Mudita during a call. The value is about 0.0000002653 in scientific notation. 2.653 × 10-7 ?

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