Mudita Updates #9 & 10 (May 15, 2020)

I just want to express how appreciative I am to the Mudita team for keeping us updated! This is the content I need to see! I have eagerly been looking for more content to consume around this phone because I am so excited about it. I saw the videos testing the new OS and was super impressed and inspired by what you shared there! THANK YOU for caring about creating such a thoughtful product and keeping us all up to date. I will be obsessively drooling until September 2020!

I had a question which I will ask here about the latest developments: as far as the meditation timer goes, will you be creating an option for a count-up timer, like the iPhone has? I have a very intense meditation practice and prefer not to use a timer to limit my meditation time, but rather to count it. On the iPhone, I think it’s called a stopwatch or something - it looks very similar to the timer you’ve developed except that it counts up rather than down, and you can have “laps” (probably for runners - I click “lap” when I finish a sitting and sit for meditation multiple times per day - it’s nice to know how long each of my sessions were when I reflect at the end of the day on how to improve my practice). Will this be a feature you might consider rolling into the meditation timer? <3

Also, in the desktop app or on the phone, if I have completed some meditation time, will I be able to delete that time if I forget to turn off my stopwatch or timer, so it is not logged when I look at my week’s meditation time on the desktop app?

Thanks so much!


Thank you so much for your amazing response to our updates @moon9river.
We’re so happy to read that you’re excited, we’re excited too!

I mentioned your question and suggestion to the engineering team but they’ve informed me that the meditation timer won’t work like a stopwatch. We cannot forget to turn off the timer, as it doesn’t work in the background. So, if you leave the screen to do something else, i.e. if you encounter a distraction, the timer will automatically turn off.

Our meditation timer works so that there are several time blocks that can be used: 10m, 30m, 60m and 90m and you can select them by navigating left and right. You can enter any time additionally, from the keyboard. Additionally, you can divide this time into intervals, so it will inform you when that set time has passed. I hope this information helps!


Thanks Tiffany!
Aw… bummed about that. I was really looking forward to the timer, and the meditation tracking via the desktop app! Without the stopwatch option, the timer will not be able to be used in my practice and much of the excitement about the meditation features are lost for me. :disappointed:

I know that you do have a Notes app, so I anticipate that I can use the notes section to record my start and end times.

Thank you for your response :heart:

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