Mudita Service - Recurring Revenue

I am very much looking forward to the release of the Mudita phone and hope to move my entire family over to it once it has been released.

One thing I worry about is the sustainability of a phone company that builds phones that last and that don’t spy on us. I am happy to pay a premium for the phone, but I am wondering if you are considering some sort of service with a monthly or yearly charge, that would be associated with the phone, that we could purchase to support the company and keep it sustainable, without filling up landfills.

A privacy-oriented map solution might be an example. A VPN system would make sense on a different phone. But something along those lines.

I would like for mudita to succeed and I know from hard experience that recurring revenue can be the difference between life and death for companies.

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Thank you for your suggestion @carson, we really appreciate it. Mudita will be setting up an e-commerce soon, where we will have more products available. There is a high demand for Mudita Pure and we feel it will continue as more people decide they’d prefer to spend more time offline.