Mudita selling in china?

I’ve noticed you’re selling (or planning to do so) your products in the communist china.
I just wanted to ask if you have had a WFOE (a legally required intermediary, reuqired to sell your products in communist china) set up for Mudita, since the rubber stamp from the chinese communist party is effectively mandatory to do so.
Also, if you have in fact recieved a rubber stamp from the ccp, how does it relate to Mudita being a company in which “We care about freedom, joy and living in the present moment.”.
Perhaps you’re not really “a new kind of tech company”, but more of the same - just with a different target demographic?
Kind regards.

@infiriel Thank you for reaching out. Firstly, I would like to ask where you got your information from, because it’s totally false. We are not selling our phone in China. Mudita Pure is not certified in China. Most importantly, Mudita Pure is manufactured in Europe. Secondly, if you did get this information somewhere, could you please be so kind and forward this info to us. Perhaps, someone is selling counterfeit phones that look like Mudita. Thank you.