Mudita Pure Sim Slot Removal

Hi there

Unfortunately I have lost the pokey tool to open the sim tray on my Mudita… So far I haven’t been able to find anything that can replace it. The hole is smaller than other phones and so tools such as for iPhone don’t work. Paper clips are also too large. A needle does work, but unfortunately I can’t put the force on the needle required to open the tray (it seems to need a lot of force). What can I use to open my sim slot?

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try it with a paperclip. They exist with different thicknesses. So, it is possible to find one which is thin enough, probably one without any coating. You need to bend it a little to get it in shape.

Here is an example which is working with my Mudita Pure:


@Elizabeth_Galanis This always works for me! Best part, I always have it on hand :slight_smile: