Mudita pure review

Tiny gnomes secretly fixing things that we don’t see is how my parents explained the world to me.
This was my favorite cartoon growing up:


I loved this series as a child :slight_smile:

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So far this morning phone has been flawless. Even when it lost connection and I came back upstairs the connection was dead for only about 2 mins max then I could return to calling and texting perfectly normally. I am thinking if I ever need the phone in the basement when my family is out I could just slip the sim card in my blackberry motion if they need to reach me. The experience is 100 times better today (SO FAR) then all the other days combined. The call quality is no fluke either. I remember previous calls were average at best. For any canadian customer this is good news. If this holds up I am assuming you would see the same improvements in the other major providers in our country. Good news but like I said I will test it throughout the day and especially when I go out today to drop my son off at Karate.