Mudita Pure review from lifelong dumbphone user

Just got my Pure in the mail, the fedex people were intrigued when I said I’d been waiting to get this package from Poland for 2 years :wink: So far, I haven’t been able to get texting to work, so I still need to go into the Verizon store (I’m in the US) to see if they can fix it. Bars show no signal, but I did successfully make a call. In general, I love the aesthetic, and have plenty of comments already. I feel my perspective as someone who has never had a smartphone as a main phone (I know how to use them, but opt not to) my perspective will be a little different than those scaling back from smartphone. Putting down US$280 on a dumbphone two years ago felt pretty obscene, haven’t spent at most $50 on a phone ever, but now flip phones cost $250 simply because they can, and they’ve gone down in quality. Regardless, I was excited about this project when it started because I could already see where things were going in 2019 with the phasing out/boutiquing of dumbphones. I mention some things that are “standard dumbphone features” because they’re things smartphone users may forget they need when you don’t have the internet in your pocket, such as a unit converter.

-size is surprisingly nice, feels good in the hand.
-looks more like a smart phone than not, which is nice. Having random people remark on me having a flip phone gets a little grating
-nice sounds
-the slider is awesome, it’s great to be able to easily switch to offline/do not disturb


-buttons are too hard to press. Combined with no T9, this is a recipe for wrist problems
-needs t9. I nearly withdrew my funding over this, but was assured it’s in the works. A “linked desktop-based messaging app” is not a suitable replacement, that’s called email.
-Fonts should be bigger, as big as aesthetically possible. I get what they’re trying to do aesthetically, but everything small should be bigger and bolder. There could be a more stylish mode with smaller fonts (which should still be bigger), and an “accessibility mode” with larger ones.
-allow user to program the directional buttons as shortcuts to various features, all flip phones do this
-add to tools: sound recorder, regular customizable timer, stopwatch, unit converter (standard flip phone features)

Far fetched suggestion:
Seeing as any boutique dumbphone is essentially an expensive version of the original Nokia 3310 (Rest In Power, my love), why not use an LCD screen? E-Ink is cool, but it’s slow and the flashing/reloading thing is …distressing. It’s great on e-readers but doesn’t seem suitable for phones. The brick phone had an incredible battery life, weeks!, and I recall had a backlight that could be turned off, so this was clearly not the issue. Is E-Ink an aesthetic choice? I’m curious about the design team’s thoughts on this.

Overall, congrats to the team for making this happen under truly adverse circumstances. Who could see a wee little global pandemic coming up during your production phase? Mazel tov!


^ I have the same opinion about the fonts used by the Mudita Harmony, a device that is read during bedtime in darkness or near darkness (Think “widest pupils” – meaning poorest visual acuity.) and that is read across the room otherwise.

I found the Pure while searching the Interwebs because I wanted readability in bright sunlight as well as indoors, so its E Ink display is not an aesthetic choice to me. It is a practical choice, for which I am grateful to the Mudita designers.


To clarify the E-Ink vs LCD screen question: I specifically am asking why the decision to use a slower-loading E-Ink screen versus the old-school LCD black-on-greenish background, non-backlit brickphone type screen which works faster and was used in the Nokia 3310, which had fantastic battery life.


Having looked at the video on this page, I still prefer E Ink for the features provided by the Pure.

@zemah2: Do you have a link to a video that shows the performance of the latest (e.g., year-2022) LCD technology in bright sunlight? The video on the above page is about seven years old.

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I’m not referring to recent phones, I’m referring specifically to OLD phones. wiki the nokia brick phone. This is also a question for the design team specifically.

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Verizon may not work in your area. It’s not certified for Verizon and they can shut down the phone. The store people most likely (there are some capable people at some stores, but not all stores haha) won’t be able to help because their app will tell them the IMEI is not compatible with Verizon as Mudita does not have the proper certifications.

Calls will work, signal won’t show up for sure, texts can be sent in gibrish format, but they won’t be able to be received. I recommend you switch to an AT&T MVNO or T-mobile based carrier for a better experience.


@zemah2 Thank you so much for your feedback. We really appreciate the support & kind words. The last 2 years were definitely a challenge, but I think that considering everything involved, we did manage to create a good product that will only get better with future software updates.
We’re glad you’re enjoying the phone and we’d like to respond to some of the suggestions you included in your feedback.

We plan on implementing T9 in a subsequent update-we are currently working on it & it’s a high priority on our road map.

I will pass this on to the devs & see if this is something that’s possible in a future update.

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Could the users who already have the device suggest/report if you measured EMF levels with Safe and Sound Pro II or Gigahertz Solutions meters?
Thank you


There is one unboxing review]video on Linux loudge
Mudita Pure Unboxing & First Impressions - YouTube)

and march 2022 review Mudita Pure Review (March 2022) || Undercooked Software - YouTube

Hope most of software issues are being fixed by updates of OS

I had a two year experience with second (back) E-ink screen of Yota Phone 2, and even it had slow mirror andsome widgets/camera view use, it was great for the eyes and greatly extended battery lifetime, even with a smartphone.

Properly optimized use could bring hopefully more battery time in feature phone, too. And with scratch resistance and back light, very nice and modern approach, even it surely increases price.

E-ink screens have benfits and surely cons like slow refresh rates, but there are websites dedicated to e-ink devices like good E reader reviews, and
E-ink info

Surely, they could review Pure phone too.


I would be ok compromising voice quality over low EMFs.