Mudita Pure Production Update

A little over a week ago, we informed you about a flaw we detected in one of the navigation buttons, which resulted in us having to scale down the production in order to identify the cause of the problem and resolve the issue.

We are happy to report that we have figured out the cause of the keyboard flaw, our engineering team has found a solution to the problem and we made the decision to start implementing it right away.

Moving forward, all Mudita Pure devices will be manufactured with the newly developed solution, making scaling up production easier and avoiding further interruption.

We plan on assembling approximately 100 phones with the new keyboard right after the holidays. They will then be tested and sent out to our backers.

We expect to pick up where we left off with production after January 3rd.

We will do all we can to scale up production in order to contininue delivering Mudita Pure to our Mudita Community as soon as possible.


Awesome. Glad to know you guys fixed it. Hope to get mine next year.


Do you happen to know an estimated timeline of when all the backers will receive their phones?

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Any updates on this ? :smiley:


@Kasper_Peulen Generally yes. We are moving forward cautiously because we really do not want to have any more issues moving forward. We are still finalizing the tests with the new navigation button. We want to avoid sending out phones with a flaw.