Mudita Pure: Production update

In the last update, we informed you about the unexpected circumstances which arose in connection with the molding form of the exterior body element which subsequently has caused the delay of the launch of Mudita Pure. As we said previously, we started working to solve this issue immediately.

We always look on the positive side of each challenge. While working to fix the exterior body element issue, we can use this time to thoroughly test each functionality and put additional effort into perfecting them and that’s exactly what we’re doing! Right now, we have 60 fully functional Mudita Pure devices in our hands . Our team members are testing the phone, in order to determine if any other items may need to be improved.

We understand the information about the delay might have been a bit difficult for some of you to accept, since, just like us, you are eagerly awaiting the launch of Mudita Pure. However, we also received numerous positive and supportive messages filled with encouragement and understanding. We would like to thank everyone for reaching out to us.

We would be grateful if you share your comments with us. Thank you!


Take all the time you need. Better to be patient and have a great product than rush. Thanks for the update!

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@Missy_Painter Thank you so much for understanding & your kind words of encouragement. We really appreciate it! :heart:

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Its great to hear that you are taking the design seriously. This is why the first time i see Mudita, i already fall in love… hope you can ship worldwide soon…

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@Carol_Socorro_Maguin Thank you for your kind words & support. We really appreciate it! We’ll keep you posted on our progress, so make sure you check our forum & website frequently. Have a GREAT weekend :grin:

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No worries! I am excited just to be supporting a new business that aligns with my beliefs & morals. As I continue to practice more conscious, ethical, & sustainable consumerism, I am moving away from fast production industries (fast fashion, expedited delivery, mass production, etc.) and opt for slower production and delivery so as not to compromise the quality of the product, as well as not exploiting the company’s workers for financial gain. Keep doing your work (and resting/practicing self-care during these crazy times !) and I patiently await the Mudita’s arrival.


@Nikki_Harlow WOW! Thank you for all the support! Your post is really encouraging. We love hearing from people who have committed to living a more mindful lifestyle in every aspect of their lives. Again, thank you :black_heart: for reaching our and sharing your commitment with us.