Mudita Pure Phone: No Shipping to Serbia / SIM Card support

Dear Mudita,
I see you do not yet include shipping to non-EU European countries for Mudita pure phone, which in my case is Serbia (EU Candidate).
Will this change in 2013 and beyond? For non-EU members, shop also needs to be updated to exclude VAT, since we pay our VAT and import taxes during custom inspection process - goods are not being shipped immediately to end user (remember world before EU :slight_smile:

Second, since I see Medita Pure seems to be built to work worldwide, there are mixed results with various operatorss.

I currently use A1 Mobile Serbia (branch of A1 Telekom Austria), also existing in Croatia and Austria.
It supports

  • 2G, GPRS and EDGE up to 250 kbit/s) on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz
  • 3G up to 42 Mbit/s) on 900 MHz and 2100 MHz
  • 4G LTE_(telecommunication)) up to 225 Mbit/s) on 800 and 1800 MHz

How likely is that I will have good reception in urban area (capital, Belgrade)?

The shipping and network factors are essential in plan to get and more importantly use Medita Pure phone.

Thank you for answers

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@RasVoja Thank you for your question. Whether we ship to a particular country mostly depends on being certified to ship electronic equipment to that country. Each each country outside of the EU has their own rules & regulations regarding the import of electronic equipment or telecommunications equipment. In many cases, the costs or time needed to obtain such certification is just too much. Therefore, certain countries are excluded from the shipment list.
That said, I’ve taken my Mudita Pure to non-EU countries, such as Albania & Turkey, and the phone did work there with a local sim cards, as well as roaming with a PL sim card. So if you were to buy a Mudita Pure, it should work in Serbia, but we cannot be sure, since we never tested it there.
If you have someone in the EU, where you can ship the phone, you can always order it that way. We had a client from Japan order the Mudita Pure & have it shipped to Italy.
Hopefully this information helps.


Why shipping of paid product should be related to that?

Its a bit problematic option, I will leave it as last resort.
Could I arrange dispatch to Serbia on my own responsibility? (same for others)

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It’s because Mudita is selling something and shipping something to a country which had its own laws , rules & regulations regarding electronic & telecommunication equipment. As a company we cannot circumvent that. We need to follow the rules.
You can read all about it here. It’s not as simple as shipping you a product you paid for:

Unfortunately that’s not possible because MUDITA as a company is the shipper & we cannot take the chance of violating import/export rules & regulations which are present in Serbia.


OK, hope you will gradually expand. Candidate countries have to adopt same EU regulations during process, if that helps.

Meanwhile, I will have to use my friends in Croatia as “middle men”

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