Mudita Pure "Offline" Mode

Is the Mudita Pure “Offline” mode the same as powered off?

If not, then:

  • What are the differences between “Offline” mode and powered off?
  • How will owners shut down the Pure (other than removing the battery)?
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This was already discussed a bit:

I apologize, but that does not answer my question. The phrase “to minimize radiation” does not imply to me that the Mudita Pure is off. Instead, it implies to me that the Mudita Pure is still “radiating” while on.

So, let me ask my question in another way: Does sliding the side switch to “Offline” mode turn OFF the Mudita Pure?

A computer that is “offline” is not necessarily off.

I am asking whether Mudita uses “Offline” to mean OFF.

Switch doesn’t turn off the device in the video. This mode is like turning off all network signals, similar to airplane mode.

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^ @urszula: Given what mindful321 wrote, how will we turn off the Mudita Pure?

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I think he means is there a power button like ud see on a iphone. Or Samsung etc etc phone

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There is a power button which is also the right selection button - you press it for a longer period of time (2-3s) and it turns the phone on and off.


Hi @kirkmahoneyphd, I’m not sure your question was answered so to sum things up:

  1. Offline - means that the GSM module is not connected to the network. You enable it via slider.
  2. Power off - the whole device is turned off (all modules). You power Pure off by long-press on the right function button.

Let us know if you have any more questions!



@kirkmahoneyphd & @jameshjacksonjr, just like the guys mentioned, there’s a dedicated OFF BUTTON. However, there’s also an option in the offline mode configuration to set an interval after which the phone connects to the GSM network in order to download all the SMS messages. It is called “connection frequency.” .