Mudita Pure Kickstarter campaign is live!

We’ve been preparing for this moment for a while and we’re finally ready to start pre-orders of Mudita Pure on Kickstarter!
A lot of hard work, talent, creativity, discussions, busy days and some long nights were involved but we’re excited to finally be able to share our efforts with you!
Our Kickstarter page is live!
This is the first time we’ve published all of the current features and specs of Mudita Pure. It is a great milestone and the beginning of a new chapter - please be a part of it and BACK OUR PROJECT!
Please let us know what you think about it, we’d love to hear your thoughts!


We’ve reached our goal in just over one hour!
Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to our Kickstarter today! You’re incredible! This is just the beginning. We’ve prepared some exciting surprises and stretch goals for you! Make sure you share the campaign with your friends!