Mudita pure in Canada, Carriers that work

For anyone considering this device in Canada, I have tested the following sim cards out here in the greater toronto area:

Public mobile- phone is unusable

PC mobile: The phone can make calls, I don’t remember exactly but texting works only outbound. I believe that is true…regardless the texting will either do one thing or the other NOT Both

Virgin Mobile- Call quality is amazing, never loses connection, can receive texts BUT you cannot send out texts

Freedom mobile- Phone does everything but on a CRAP network for this phone. The phone cuts out for periods of 5-10mins frequently where the phone cannot be used, and call quality is horrible. There will be instances where you dial a number, nothing happens for like a minute, then all of a sudden the phone starts dialing, so it is not reliable if you need to be reached in case of emergecy, you have kids etc

FIDO- this is THE BEST NETWORK for the Mudita. Call quality is very good. You can text out and get texts

For other major networks, based on the forums there are issues with Bell and Rogers.

Rogers is a strange one because they own Fido, and the phone works perfectly so why is it that they use the same network and yet Rogers does not work. Search the mudita forums for more specific info

Hope that helps people considering this phone in Canada. I had to jump through a lot of hoops (and money) to finally land on Fido. I am switching over today from Virgin mobile so I am very happy this phone is finally useable because its always the dumbphone I wanted