MUDITA PURE: Flash Storage size

I guess I’m not alone in thinking that 16GB internal flash memory can be considered quite small these days. Especially when thinking of putting a lot of music on the phone.
Is there a possibility to offer the phone with bigger flash memorys?

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Hi @lowmofilms,

We do realize that it might be too small for some users and are proactively looking for a long-term solution. As soon as we’ll come up with it we’ll let you know!

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If ogg-audio support will be available then 16GB is more than enough. But even if I am bound to flac-only, 16 GB is not too bad. (:

Btw., just pre-ordered a pure! (:

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@poinck Thank you for your support! We’re delighted that you chose Mudita Pura as part of your commitment to a more digitally mindful lifestyle. Welcome to the Mudita family :slight_smile: