Mudita Pure - First feedbacks

First of all I want to unreservedly praise the philosophy behind “Mudita Pure”. When I first became aware of the project in autumn 2019, I was immediately enthusiastic. It felt like the “Mudita Pure” was made for me. I followed the further development with great enthusiasm until the expected price was communicated. At first it seemed way too high and I lost interest a bit.

In the meantime, the first devices have been delivered and the first reactions from users have ranged, to put it politely, from cautious to disappointed. Nevertheless, I took advantage of the latest discount campaign and ordered the “Mudita Pure”. I want to give it a chance and I can now come to terms with the price.

However, the more early adopters share their experiences, the more skeptical I become. Shouldn’t a device that focuses on calls and text messages at least be able to handle these tasks satisfactorily? Is my impression correct that “Mudita Pure” was simply released in a state that can at most be described as alpha status?

I wished nothing more than that all problems could be solved in a short time. But unfortunately I am very skeptical. It will still be “a few weeks” (probably several months) before my device ships. Thanks to all the forum members who continue to share their experiences and I hope I don’t have to come to the conclusion that I have to cancel my order.


I intend to place an order for the Mudita Pure myself, but have been waiting until a few more reviews appeared on here. I am waiting until they have caught up with the backlog of kickstarters etc. I figure, by then, a few more software updates should have been released, which will hopefully have addressed the common issues people report on this forum. Hopefully by the time your phone is shipped, one of the updates will have corrected the worst of the issues.


Similarly, I hope that I don’t have to take advantage of this within the 14 days after I receive my Pure: “You have 14 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it.”


Maybe it’s just me but all other smartphones dropped with call quality recently? What’s your opinion? Also I got lots of connections problems in Poland.

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I can’t confirm that. In particular, I can’t confirm that recently more people are saying: “I can hardly understand the person I’m talking to.” This phenomenon seems to be exclusive to “Mudita Pure”.

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@andrzej I’ve been having issues as well. I’ve got Play on my Mudita Pure & Orange on my Blackberry Q10.

The call quality issue can also depend on the network. For instance, in the UK, I can’t understand a word spoken over EE (formerly the T-Mobile and Orange networks) or any MVNO that uses EE’s infrastructure. Yet Vodafone, O2 and their MVNOs are crystal-clear to my ear, even when I’m in coverage blackspots. It’s not a coverage issue, as EE is named “Everything Everywhere” for a reason. It’s purely the codecs and bandwidth allocated to the voice component of the signal.

With regards to call dropouts, I’ve noticed signal coverage has reduced in my area. I used to get a modest signal everywhere apart from one location, and now I have noticed the size of that location has increased, and at least two others have sprung up nearby. I suspect this will be related to the decommissioning of 3G and 2G infrastructure. Perhaps the capacity is lowered and resources diverted to 4G/5G, or the frequencies are gradually being shut-off altogether. This means that all phones suddenly have less “fall-back” options when the 4G/5G signal isn’t good enough.

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I spent few hours testing the phone after receiving it. People on the other end of the line can hear me clear (the mic seems fine), however the speaker is so bad so listening to the other side is unpleasant. When on loudspeaker, the sound is okay though.
The major issue is however is half the time the phone has no reception - in the middle of a large Canadian city with 3G, 4G, and 5G coverage and a population of over 1 million people. The local mobile operators provide excellent coverage everywhere in the city, but the phone just can’t see the tower.
Apart from that I could not make Bluetooth to work no matter what I tried. Yes, I did make sure the Bluetooth is enabled. The phone just does not see the nearby Bluetooth devices, and is not discoverable by other Bluetooth devices.
Fundamentally the phone is a “no go” as far as I’m concerned. Trying to guess whether people can reach me on this handset is a gamble which completely defeats the purpose of having it in the pocket. It has to provide reliable means of communication. Period.
P.S. I really did not want to post my “experience” here, however it seems that mudita support just ignored my request for a refund. I suspect the team is trying to buy time while working hard fixing software bugs right now, but it is too little too late.
“Over-promised and under-delivered” - best way to describe it.