Mudita Pure: Feature request - Auto Shut Down/Power on timer

Dear Mudita,
Very few Android smartphones have auto power on/off on time. Namely, I have seen it only with Xaomi phones

As general option, it enables automatic offline, battery saving during sleep or rest. It would be good if phone can power up on alarm, beside initally set time.

Some more diverse options:

  • Integrate as option with Alarm clock, where alarm would power on phone
  • Integrate as option as end of set sleep intro - music time
  • Integrate as dedicated daily event (in settings or even calendar and sleep helper) where phone would auto turn on and off, saving a lot power weekly and aiding sleep and rest routines

Hope its doable and can help overall idea and performance


@RasVoja Thanks for all the suggestions. I have passed them on to our dev ream


Thanks, hope to see it in some next software update :slight_smile: