Mudita Home and analog life

Inspired by the dragons with the Mudita Pure here in the forum, I simply photographed my housemates with the Mudita products. Plus a few of my favourite analogue devices and utensils. I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Here Eddi the Elk uses the Pure for a phone call

And here he is listening to the Nick Lewis album in a very relaxed way. Not quite analogue, as the album is not available on vinyl, but a CD is also fine :slight_smile:

And here’s my bedside table, with one of my Nordic pixies keeping watch next to the Mudita alarm clock. Besides the table lamp, the alarm clock is the only electronic device in the bedroom. And the lamp is equipped with an old-fashioned light bulb. I have almost no LED at home because I can’t stand the light.

Here is my old analogue phone with my notebook and the Punkt MP02.

Here are my analogue cameras and in the middle the saying: the best things in life are analog

My typewriter.

My record player.

The Mudita Pause cards on my yoga mat.

The timer is set, get on the meditation cushion and quiet your mind.

Ready to be creative.


@marko I’m loving the typewriter. I’m on the hunt for one right now.


@marko I don’t even know where to begin. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your reality with us <3 I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I’m someone who thinks in images, and your post painted a vivid story of a day in the life of Marko. Sorry, but Eddie totally stole the show. :smiley:

Tomorrow, I’ll do my best to share a slice of reality from Mudita with all of you.


I now regret giving away, many years ago, my Smith-Corona portable typewriter.


So a few days ago I heard someone chattering away, followed the voices and recognised one as Little Apples. I entered her room to discover her using my little MuPu on speakerphone. I asked her who she was talking to… her response was ‘My mate Eddi’. Now I know who Eddi is! G’Day Eddi and @marko !

I asked her to show me how she works the phone…

Thanks for sharing Marko… My house mates and I loved it! Now I’m going to join them for a moment of Pause…


@galtions I just can’t with the CUTENESS! It’s beyond adorable. Thank you so much for sharing!


Misiek making his presence known when I try to do any kind of work that does not involve him.