Mudita Harmony + Pomodoro Technique

Hi there,
I am quite satisfied of Mudita Harmony as a product. There is something endearing and relaxing about this object.

I find this clock very useful to pace the day in the home office. However, it lacks the option of being able to manage productive time and intervals, not just rest time. In particular, I find the Pomodoro Technique (focus session, then rest time; focus session, then rest time; etc.) very useful for finding a balance. Unfortunately, there is no (more) programme to automate such intervals.

I think it would be relevant for Mudita Harmony to position itself in this “productivity” niche. Do you have any new timing apps planned, especially compatible with the Pomodoro Technique intervals?

Best regards, AL


@agent_libre This is a GREAT idea. I actually something like this, but I didn’t know it had a name LOL :smiley:
I use the Power Nap function as a timer to help me keep track of how much time I’m spending on any given task.


hi @agent_libre thank you for your suggestion. We do have pomodoro timer on the list of things to consider in the future. Maybe we’ll decide to implement it. Thanks for sharing your ideas!