Mudita Bell random ticking sounds?

I got a Mudita Bell that I really enjoy/enjoyed due to its simplicity and nice alarm sounds. It’s really quiet but recently it’s started making random ticking sounds. Sometimes just one loud tick and sometimes tick-tick-tick for every second and it can happen every 5 minutes or every minute, I haven’t noticed a pattern.

It’s really annoying when trying to sleep, at least if the ticking was constant it wouldn’t be an issue but the random intervals of ticking makes me wake up annoyed when almost falling asleep.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and if so, do you have any solution?

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I noticed some ticking sounds from time to time but they were mostly singular and really infrequent. Do you adjust alarm/clock settings frequently?

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I do adjust alarm once or twice each week, maybe setting it a bit later on weekends. But always make sure to only rotate in the correct direction.

I think maybe I react to the ticking sounds because I don’t expect them and they didn’t use to happen.

@hesselbom Thanks for the feedback. I’ve passed this on to the product leads. I also have a Mudita Bell, which I use EVERYDAY. There are faint, singular ticking sounds- but that’s normal because of the analog mechanism. I understand sound is subjective, so to ME, it’s not noticeable at all, unless I put the clock close to my head.

Thanks for passing it on. If you’re talking about the constant “buzz” that you hear when you put your ear very close to the clock I agree that that’s expected and I don’t hear that at all. And that is constant and not random louder ticks every now and then.

I’ve been using it for about 2 months without those random ticks but since it’s started happening unfortunately I’ve had to move the clock from my bedroom because it keeps me awake :frowning:

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@hesselbom So this just started happening recently?

Yeah, like two weeks ago or something like that, unsure on exact time frame.

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