Mudita Bell & Harmony bundle!

You guys requested this bundled promo, so we’ve decided to MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Thank you @roberto for the idea!
Now, you can purchase a bundle with Mudita Harmony and Bell for only $196,98, which means you can save $50 (50 EUR or 231,35 PLN) on the purchase of both alarm clocks.
No promo code needed for this AMAZING deal! Just add one Mudita Harmony & one Mudita Bell to your cart and enjoy the fantastic savings!

A GREAT day starts with a GOOD night’s sleep!

But don’t hit snooze on this DREAMY DEAL!

Buy your Mudita Bell & Mudita Harmony TODAY!


I already received an email from FedEx. I should receive them in two days. I’m happy to have the Harmony again and, hopefully, fully working on this time. :slight_smile:


Here they are. Later next month, I’ll give feedback as a returning costumer. I already noticed the extra helpful information on the Mudita Harmony box. :slight_smile:


@roberto I would love to know which one you like better. Are you TEAM BELL or TEAM HARMONY?

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It is a hard one. Both have specific features and designs that make them unique, and I like them. If you force me for a quick answer, I would say “both” at the moment, but please give me one week for a structured response. :slight_smile:

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