Mudita Bell? Curious about a (very) rough ETA?

I am EAGERLY anticipating the Mudita Bell.
I am hoping that it will come to fruition in a reasonable amount of time.
No, I have not jumped onto the indiegogo page, (maybe I should!), however I am just expressing interest and enthusiasm for this product to blossom.

I’m interested in any news or plans wrt this item.

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OK, checked indiegogo, and there’s nothing about it.
Aware of the urgency to develop, produce your initial product.
I’m hoping the development of the Mudita Bell will be a smooth process.
Thanks for the teaser!


Hi @scrbl, thanks for waiting for a response! We are aiming to have Bell available in Autumn 2020. I hope that answers your question, if you have any more, please let me know.

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