Mudita Bell and Mudita Harmony Feedback and Suggestions

  1. Minimum brightness is still too bright. Please design this with a
    pitch-black room in mind. Very little illumination is required. For
    other scenarios, you already address this by making the brightness
  2. The light illumination sequence is abrupt and awakening. Part of the
    reason I keep a clock by my bed is to check the time when I wake up
    at odd hours. I actively avoid this with these products as the light
    is too jarring. Please make illumination slow and gradual; around 5
    seconds to reach set brightness would be nice; think sunrise.
  3. The light that comes on with the alarm flashes first before gradually
    illuminating. I would prefer this not to happen; please gradually
    illuminate without a flash.
  4. The light is too cold. A warmer hue would be better for night-time
    use. The current configurations seems pretty blue.
  5. The Mudita Bell has no “bell” chime, which is a huge disappointment.
    Simple sounds were overlooked.
  6. The clock is huge. A smaller size would leave more room for a good
    book on the night stand. Maybe just making it thinner would work.
  7. I would appreciate a seconds hand. Sometimes you need to set a
    precise alarm, and that is hard to do in the current state.
  8. A braille dot on the light button would distinguish the two.
  9. I found it odd that the light button on the Harmony and on the Bell
    are on different sides of the knob. Why the inconsistency?

Thanks for your suggestions @less We are always grateful for feedback, it all goes to design team and we are able to create better products. Some things like light brightness or temperature is very subjective and hard to satisfy everyone. At the time we chose the option we believed was the best solution. Of course your comments will be very helpful for future projects or updates. If you’ll notice anything else, feel free to let us know!

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Agree with the light it is way too bright in a dark room. Enjoy everything else about it


Thank you for receiving this so well. My intention is to improve your product. I like your mission.

  1. The auto-shutoff nightlight feature is incredible! Well done!

I agree with all the points mentioned. One more point: the Bell makes a very quiet, slightly rattling noise. As I am very sensitive to noise and live/sleep in an extremely quiet environment, this minimal noise annoys me enormously. Now I have the clock here, I find it good, but not exceptionally good. If the above suggestions are implemented, will I have to buy a new mudita Bell? Or is there an update option for changes in sound/light?



I would also add option to use our own sounds. I also very sensitive to sound and noise and most of the melodies are unusable for me, especially these jumpy, aggressive ones. The ones that are “nature-like” are also a bit too agressivly hissing for me. I used to use my iPhone because there I could use this really quiet, simple, gentle “ting”, but I don’t want to keep my phone in my bedroom. Any news when this will be implemented as I know the team has mentioned having this on a list a while ago.

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