More storage capacity... please?

Hello and thank you for continuing to develop this project. There is certainly a great need in the world for simpler, task-specific devices like the Pure phone.

I want to revisit a question I posted last year. Can we please have more than 16GB of onboard storage?

As a music lover, I absolutely love that this phone will allow me to leave the dedicated music player at home. I love that it will play FLAC files (much of my music collection is orchestral and mp3 files simply don’t satisfy my ear). I am perfectly happy to live without connected services like Tidal. I even appreciate the concept of connecting the phone to the computer daily to organize the data on the device using Mudita Center.

I am concerned that 16GB really just isn’t enough memory to serve as a true music player on the go, especially when traveling. (My first iPod, purchased 20 years ago, had 30GB!) After the OS and other synched data, how much of the 16GB internal memory will actually be available for music files?

I fully understand all the technical reasons for not having a memory card slot or usb expansion and I have no wish to ask the team to re-design anything… but is more onboard capacity for music files not simply a matter of installing a higher density flash module? The material cost to double or quadruple the built in storage capacity can’t possibly be that significant. I cannot imagine buyers being unwilling to pay a little more money for more storage capacity.


I was thinking exactly the same thing Neil :slight_smile: I love so much about this phone, but I would love if it could also be my portable music player. I think 16GB will be just about manageable but I would be happy to pay more to have more memory.


According to the April update, the sdram will be increased from 16 to 64.
I guess people skipped that, :slight_smile:


They’re different things, though, Kevin. SDRAM isn’t phone storage, and that’s what the guys were talking about.


@Neil_Buckland Thanks for reaching out. I will pass your concerns over to our team & see what they say. I believe at this point in the production process, it might be a little difficult to make changes. However, I will ask if there is any plans to expand this in the future.


I agree with the original poster. Storage is a quite small.