Mobile Security Concerns

For many people, smartphones have increasingly become vital components of in their lives; however, those supercomputers also pose substantial security risks.
We often discuss privacy & security on this forum. Recently, we’ve even shared many articles about certain significant security concerns that have come to light and involve some of the BIG TECH companies.
I started doing some research & compiled a list of the top security concerns which alarm me the most.
In the end, I realized that most of them could be avoided with a phone like Mudita Pure. :blush:
Check it out & let me know if I missed anything: Top 10 Mobile Security Concerns of 2021

I am not really certain how to word this, but here goes:

Having all of our images, notes, passwords, banking apps, and everything else about our lives in one device makes that one device more tempting for exploitation. Yet, it’s not just one person who has all of his/her data in one device but rather that a quarter of all people on Earth are on one operating system, with one set of security protocols, and by cracking one smart phone the method for cracking the majority of them becomes available. Therefore, having a smart phone makes a person a greater target for exploitation, and not having a smart phone reduces a person’s attack surface. If we think of our data in this adversarial manner (which your attackers already do), then the reduction of attack surface is step one in your security protocol. Don’t be a target, and most certainly don’t have all of your data on one device.


@bmw42 your worded it perfectly. I know people whose whole life is on their phone & if that data gets compromised- POW- that’s just a disaster.

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Most of our info lives in the cloud not on the actual device most people using iphones most of the info is in icloud not on the actual device as they always say all your info on all your apple gadgets synced via the cloud having the stuff on the actual device would be betteras then one would need your physical device to get said info

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see the info is not on the actual device its how in court cases they really dont. Need your device as all our email pics etc etc is on apples servers aka the cloud and all our text messages and calls ate on the cell carriers cloud and same with Android all the info is in googles cloud. 99% of all users turn that on so all their pics etc etc are on all devices a user may have so the key is finding a cloud provider you trust self host or keep all your photos etc etc on a flash drive stored in a safe and another copy in an offsite location in case of fire

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@jameshjacksonjr Although the fact that most of the data is stored on the iCould may give some comfort to Apple users- I have a Blackberry & don’t haven’t really used cloud storage services until Mudita Space came around, With Google & Apple capable of scanning my images & emails, then targeting me with ads- I’m not sure I want to contribute to their data harvesting anymore than I already, unknowingly do :smiley:

Whether or not the information is physically on the device is irrelevant as the device is the key. If you have the device all data is centrally accessible, but worse if the account is exploited on “the cloud” then the device owner may not even be aware of the breach.

In most cases, however, most or a large portion of data is local and merely copied to the cloud.

For those who are concerned about their privacy, cloud storage has been purposefully disabled on their phones.

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