MMS handling in Orange Poland

I have to admit that MMS support prior to MuditaOS upgrade (i.e. no support at all) worked better for me. Sure I got a jibberish of push SMS in inbox on my phone, but the operator would detect that mms had not been received by me and would post a plain text sms letting me know that I can download it from their portal. After the update I see “[MMS]” on my phone. There is nothing reasonable I can do about it. Phone doesn’t fetch/decode any part of the MMS. Yet, it apparently does something that tricks the network into thinking that MMS has been delivered, so Orange doesn’t store it in their portal anymore.
I wonder would it be possible to add at least minimal MMS support (i.e. fetch contents decode parts and store them as a separate files in some directory) or add an option to turn off MMS support at all (so that operator can still deliver it to web inbox)?

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@pki Thanks for the feedback. I will pass this on to our team.
Also, I have PLAY mobile, and I was surprised to read that ORANGE would send you a message to follow a link to retrieve the MMS.
I have not had that service with neither PLAY or PLUS- before or after the update. I’m curious if any other POLISH users can comment on this feature.

Yes, they do :slight_smile: By the way - it was a false alarm. Looks like Orange just had a few days outage of the service. I’ve just received the messages to my web inbox.

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@pki Thanks for the update.