Long lasting battery suggestion

Is it possible to use a bit higher capacity battery (2000mah for example) and charge it to 80% as optimal charging for Lithium batteries is 20-80% (40-80% is even better but 60% of battery capacity sacrifice is not worth it). That option could be implemented to software maybe as it can on Android or find some way to do it with hardware. Also use of slower charger would be appreciated as fast charging degrades battery with its generated heat.

Thank you.

I think the important thing to take into consideration is that a lithium battery’s longevity is determined by how many charge cycles it endures, where one cycle is defined as discharging from 100% to 0% and back to 100%, or vice versa. And, unlike a smartphone, Pure won’t need to be recharged every night, thus extending the lifetime of the batteries.

Under typical use, a Lithium Ion battery undergoes 10% degradation of total capacity in the first year and very little afterward. Many phone batteries last about 5 or 6 years before degrading to a point where day-to-day usability is impacted. The Mudita Pure uses a lithium-polymer battery, which while its long-term longevity is shorter than that of a lithium-ion, should equate to the same longevity due to the fact that under normal usage it will last 1 to 2 weeks without needing to be recharged. This means if you want to limit the usage of your phone’s battery, you can simply plug it in at 40% and unplug it an hour later at 80% and this charge will last you several days.

And, thankfully, the battery is replaceable. So if after several years you decide you’d like to keep your feature phone alive, you can simply order a replacement battery.


That’s why i charged it from 20-80%. I had a ZTE Axon 7 phone and for 2 years of it’s usage, battery degraded a lot, definitely more than 10%. In first year i charged it to 100% than the other to 80%. And it still gave me low power time. I think that fast charging and low battery quality impacted that. I feel that batteries from Chinese manufacturers are not good enough quality to last 2-3 years with good SOT, let alone 5-6 years. Yes, you can unplug it manually, but it would be much easier if system can do it automaticaly like it did with Android custom ROM (or Battery Charge Limit application).
I appreciate that you added option of removable battery though, so i think it won’t be a big deal.
Except this phone is not avaliable in Serbia along with it’s parts. I just came here to support your project.



thank you for all the comments!

The only reason behind this specific battery capacity is the space available. There are three main factors that influenced its size (=capacity):

  1. Antenna design which requires some additional space
  2. Removable battery. To make the battery replaceable we need to use a special incombustible case for it - which takes more space than a standard one. This decision alone consumed at least ~100 mAh.
  3. Other components like resonance chamber (speaker), type of keyboard, shape of the phone etc.

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