Live updates on the Breath initiative

We’re collaborating with the doctors from the Foundation of Research and Science Development in Warsaw, to quickly create a device that could significantly aid the medical professionals in their fight against the COVID-19.
We called it Breath. You can read more about the initiative on a dedicated page .
If you can help in the development of the project or your hospital needs support, please let us know about it in a comment or contact us at .


Thank you for keeping us up to date on this initiative.

It’s super cool to see how Mudita’s mobilized to meet the needs where ventilators are in short supply…

Even if it only helps a few people, it’s been a worthwhile effort.

Stay safe.


The Breath initiative was sooo awesome. You are just showing that you are not only a company that is looking for benefits, but also one of the few that actually invest time and research for a better world. You’re showing the example for future companies and inspiring people that want to change the world but don’t know where to start from.

Thanks for the inspiration !