June 2021 Mudita Pure Production/Development update

We’re back with another update! Things are moving forward quite nicely!


Thank you for the update!
I revised the home page of my Android-7 phone accordingly:


@kirkmahoneyphd It’s so beautiful! How did you get it so clean & simple?

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It is an LG theme – “Black Bold” – against all-black wallpaper.


Great update. Excited to get the phone :slight_smile:



This June-2021 update made me wonder:

  • When we Mudita customers switch from smartphones to the Pure, what will others ask us?

Here are some questions that I expect to get:

  • How can you go without an iPhone or Android phone?
  • How do you navigate without Google Maps and live traffic updates?
  • You cannot receive group (MMS) messages?
  • You cannot receive photo and video (MMS) messages?
  • You cannot take photos or record videos?
  • You cannot check email?
  • You cannot instant-message with anyone?
  • What app store do you use?
  • You don’t use any typical apps, such as for shopping or package tracking?
  • Okay, so you have a meditation app and a music app, but why?
  • You cannot surf the Internet?
  • How, then, do you put music on your phone?
  • Wait, so you can use a data plan with your phone? How?

What other questions would you add, @urszula?

You may want to write a blog post about this. I doubt that I am the only one who wants to be ready for smartphone users’ questions! This Pure approach to cellphones is starting to feel like a cult! :crazy_face:

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@kirkmahoneyphd I recently read this poem in the Atlantic & it made me think of Mudita Pure :slight_smile:
I think one of the biggest questions people would as…WHY? Why did you choose to switch to a dump phone.


Thank you for the update. I have been searching for the perfect minimalist way to communicate while traveling and this is it. This idea is like a breath of fresh air. Literally.