It's time to relax with a new (and beautiful) version of Samsung's ringtones

Anyone who is a fan of Samsung is no doubt familiar with the long-used “Over the Horizon” touch on their smartphones - and they know that every year we have a new version of the article. sing. Obviously, 2018 couldn’t be another case, and you can check out the company’s newly announced masterpiece below.

Unlike the 2017 version of the song, which offered a much more vibrant and youthful tone, 2018 opted to bet on something much more classic and minimalist. It doesn’t take long to make this clear: in this iteration we have a symphony that really takes shape in calm and relaxed music, composed by musician Pétus Jónsson.

??? Samsung ringtones- no thanks.

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@herm38 Yeah, I’m not sure about Samsung ringtones, but maybe some people like them

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Thank you, if you are a Samsung user you can download it as a ringtone at

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Is this what you are looking: Galaxy – Over The Horizon :