It's Been about a Year Since I Was Last Here

Hello friends,

Last year on September 19th, I published an article on why I pre-ordered the Mudita Pure and why I encouraged others to do so, on my website Since that time, Covid has turned everything upside down and I had to unfortunately cancel my pre-order. Around that same time I stopped frequenting this forum as I felt I had nothing to really contribute and was dealing with some major depression.

Since that time I’ve had an opportunity to partner with companies like Kyocera and Sunbeam to test out some of their non smart devices and give my honest opinions on them. Living with those types of devices full time really helped me learn a lot and in some ways have made me regret my praise a of the Mudita Pure, like I had.

In the year that I’ve been away from this forum, it does seem Mudita has changed their stance on supporting predictive text and they open sourced the operating system, which I am a not only a huge fan of, but am proud to see them take community feedback so well. I am sad to see though that in regards to the group messaging and MMS situation, there doesn’t appear to be much change. And this is where my disappointment of the product stems from as I see MMS and group messaging as a necessity of any mobile device that calls and makes text messages.

Competing products on the market send and receive MMS messages, and allow for group messaging. Even voice phones from years past can do that. However, with mobile markets dropping support for both 2G and 3G, these older devices are no longer usable, and there don’t appear to be many modern successors that can offer the benefits we used to enjoy on these simple devices.

One can make the argument that because the Mudita Pure utilizes an e-ink display, it wouldn’t be able to show all the colors in an image from a MMS, and thus it doesn’t make sense for it to get them. While true the e-ink display cannot show you an image in color, I would make the argument that it’s more important that you could still get the image. Why? Well say you were sent a screenshot of a news headline that directly affects you, or an image of damage that happened to your car? Perhaps even an image of a stranger who a loved one claims if following them? Because of your choice of phone, you would never know because you can’t get said images. We live in an unpredictable world and we’ll never know when something like that could happen. I believe its better for it to be there and not need it, than to need it and for it not be there.

Android phones that have E-ink displays will still display images, despite the lack of color.

We are all members of society and we know the way that society communicates now, is not the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago. Communication as a whole has changed. Chat apps are huge, lots of people don’t make phone calls anymore. The elderly are doing video calls with their children and grandchildren. When it comes to text messaging, memes can get sent around left and right, people reply in emoji’s, GIFs, etc. Businesses can have group text groups for important information. Heck your friends or family can even have their own established group conversations that your 2021 minimalist phone suddenly can no longer participate in.

I cannot explain to you the awkward jolt that occurs when stop to a conversation because you can’t receive a piece of information. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you’re having a conversation with your mother about cars and she decides to sends you a picture of one she’s thinking about buying and asks you, “what do think about this one?” Because you can’t see the image that was sent, you have to sideline the conversation to let them know you can’t get that image they sent you. To accommodate you, they either have to know describe it to you, which defeats the purpose of them having sent you the image in the first place, or you need to ask them to send you the picture another way so you can view it when you have time and then get back to them later.

I understand the need to simplify, I really do, but having a “secondary device” only makes things more complicated. Most people buy a new phone as a replacement to their other phone, not to supplement it. Also we know most people aren’t carrying around 2 phones. In fact most people don’t carry more than their phone and maybe some wired/wireless earbuds. That doesn’t change because you have a feature phone. The Pure is about the size of a small smartphone anyways. Probably a bit thicker.

When I was using phones like the Sunbeam F1 and the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme, I was able to effectively communicate with friends, family, coworkers, strangers, everyone in between without issue. Why? Because I could receive every piece of information that was given to me. I could see their photos, their emojis, their GIFs, I could also be part of their group conversations. I know the phone screens are small and have terrible color reproduction because of their TFT displays, but I could still get everyone’s messages and wasn’t left out.

I think what makes me upset about having praised the Pure is knowing that it could be the perfect device for so many people without these shortcomings. A lot of people would love a simpler device, but don’t want to be handicapped.

For those that would say, this is your secondary device! To them I say as an individual who reviews tech, the concept of a secondary device is an enigma to me. I have multiple phones, but I am only every using one at a time. Also most people don’t have the disposable income to acquire a second phone, especially right now. To those who would say that the minimal nature of the phone is helpful. I would say I agree, but lacking an essential function of a communication device in 2021 is risky for reasons stated previously.

If you were to make the argument that you could just tell all of your friends and family that they can’t send you pictures, GIFs, etc. They aren’t going to be the only people you ever have telecommunications with. Someone can easily forget and sends you an picture anyways. Hopefully it wasn’t important. There’s just a lot of factors that we cannot account for and you take a risk when you cannot engage in that type of communication.

For those in the company who say that this would make the device more addictive, or less of a minimalist device. Remember, the phone has a black and white display that can’t download apps and offers no internet connectivity. Having the ability to see my friend send me a photo(which would appear small and lack color) of a sign that says 2 for $5 sale on this item and asking, “should I do it?” is not going to make me more addicted to the device. Neither is having the option to text both my sister and brother at the same time about landing a new job.

I’m disappointed because the Mudita Pure is a beautiful phone rivaled only by the Punkt MP02 in beauty, in my opinion. However even in that match up, I prefer the larger e-ink display over the LCD. There’s something fresh and beautiful about it, and not having the blue light from the LCD would help with my bouts of insomnia. Many of us know about the other e-ink phone on the market, the Light Phone 2. To me it doesn’t stack up for it’s lack of physical buttons. It also doesn’t support images in its text app. Sure I can forward them to my email, and while it sounds like a great feature, this turns out to be more of a nuisance as I don’t have always have access to my email. Again, let’s hope the image wasn’t important or doesn’t get lost on its way there.

The current crop of Nokia phones on the market, while good looking and have support for MMS, they miss the mark by not supporting group chats. Only a few voice phones on the market support SMS/MMS, calls and group messaging. They’re all flip phones! While it’s awesome they exist, flip phones take up more space in a pocket than a candy bar style voice phone does. In my opinion they also lack the aesthetic appeal of the Mudita and other candy bar phones alongside them. The Punkt MP 02 comes close in offering Signal support, but it still lacks MMS and group messaging in its stock text app.

If you were to pull out the WiFi chip from a smartphone, you could still send and receive SMS/MMS, set up group messages, get emojis and make calls. This to me is the bare minimum we should be striving for in our modern era of communication. We should not be settling for anything less.

Mudita, if you’ve read this, please consider my words. Do with them what you will. I’m still rooting for the success of your product, but we really need to raise the bar if we’re only getting text and calls.

Thank you,



I feel maybe a pinephone would be better i already have a pinebook pro which is my one and only laptop as its more like a pocket computer vs a smartphone and less addicting

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You’ll need Internet for voice calls in many areas anyway for VoLTE on 4G since 2g and 3g networks are being taken down everywhere.

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Good food for thought.

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@braillynn Thanks for the feedback. We do understand that Mudita Pure may not be the perfect phone for everyone. We receive feedback all the time from individuals saying that they would buy it, if only it had Whatsapp & Maps because those features are necessary for the work they do & they can’t function without it. However, then there are others who don’t want Whatsapp because it’s a FB product, but want Signal or Telegram. We also hear from people who would love to have a camera, just in case something happens, and just like you described, they need to share that info with friends or loved ones. We are keenly aware that our minimalist feature phone will not fit in to everyone’s lifestyle, and we know we can’t please everyone, otherwise, the simplicity of Mudita Pure would be lost in all the extra features. The best we can do is believe in our product & hope that people will embrace the simplicity just like we did. We appreciate all the support & encouragement. We really couldn’t have made it through this very challenging year without it. It also has to be mentioned that with such a short time until launch, we wouldn’t even have the time to try any new changes. But do stay tuned, exciting things are on the horizon for Mudita!


^ Thank you, @urszula! Those of us who are staying in the order queue embrace the simplicity!

My sample-of-size-1, personal experience with images sent to me by MMS continues to be this:

  1. I ask the sender to email the images to me, if the images are important.
  2. Invariably the sender never emails the images to me, even though he or she could easily do so with the same smartphone.

Either my friends and relatives are unique, or they are emblematic of how often people use MMS to send insignificant images only because MMS makes it easy to do so.


I have had the same experience when I had a phone that could not get MMS messages. They’d message me later in the day and be like, are you going to reply to that picture I sent you? I’d tell them I couldn’t get pictures and to email it and give them my email, but no reply.


I understand the lack of Camera, Maps, Whatsapp, Signal, etc. The phone was never advertised as being able to have those. In my opinion though, the phone should be able to live up to the bare minimum requirements of modern day communication and be able to have a fully featured Texting/Calling application if that’s all the phone is going to offer. I’m not asking for a new app or a new feature, just that the phones current strengths be made stronger.


I’ve been living with the Punkt. MPO2 for over a year now (no smartphone for a little longer) and while it can be a little challenging at times, it’s mostly a bother for other people in my life and frankly, I don’t care if it is inconvenient for them. Most people in my life know I can only get texts and calls (I can sort of get images, but they are pretty useless information wise) so they don’t bother. People in my circle know how to get a hold of me, we use discord and email to send images and if something is important and only I can do something about it they know how to get a hold of me quickly. Mostly by either finding me on campus or coming to my home. If someone sends me a multimedia message I simply say my phone can’t accept those files and to send them to my email or show me in person. Seldom is it an issue. The biggest issues I’ve run into owning the Punkt is that it’s a little more challenging to access public charging stations for my motorcycle and car. Oftentimes I can’t use my chargepoint account because I failed to grab my RFID or wallet and it’s a simple fix because you could use your phone to start the charge. That’s about it. Other things I’ve run into is that some of my professors require certain apps for classes so I have to spend a few minutes emailing them explaining that I don’t have and will not own a smartphone and that they need to make accommodations.


THIS here statement is :100: my life :smiley:


Agreed, and it does not sound as a selfish statement, but as a deep introspection that we all need to be aware of.

^ Good for you! “There’s an app for that!” has become such a virulent mind-virus (meme) that it can take a few minutes of “therapeutics” to treat it in the minds of others.

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The way I see it there is “simplicity” and there is being “handicapped” and different people draw the line at different places.

I think phones of mid-2000s drew the lines in all the right places.

Those phone were very good at getting the job done and at the same time there was no such thing as “phone addiction”. I don’t comprehend why is it so difficult to re-created what existed not too long ago. Everybody makes modern simple phones too dumb or too smart.

I recently ordered original Motorola Razr v3i from 2005. I confirmed, I still have some slowly dying 2g in my area. Will try to enjoy some sane living while I can.

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@alexlya This is exactly why I LOVE my Blackberry. Yes, it does have internet- but I really don’t use it because the browser is really shitty & there are no native FB, Instagram apps- so I’m not on social media. It does allow me to take pix & send emails and I can call & text. Whatsapp stopped supporting Blackberry OS in 2017 & Signal is only available for Blackberry phones with the Android OS. Telegram App for Blackberry is available in Web Messenger Version named Webogram. Blackberry does have maps, just in case I get horribly lost, but I don’t use it as a crutch & map every step of my existence. In short, it gets the job done.