Is technology creating a world without choices?

While looking for good books, I came across this one & it made me take notice:

Is all of this technology REALLY creating a world without choices?
How do you guys perceive the influence of technology on the availability of choices in today’s world? This has been previously touched upon a bit by @kirkmahoneyphd, but I think it’s worth exploring further.
Do you believe technology is shaping a future where our choices are limited or expanded? Share your thoughts, experiences, and insights on whether you feel technology is creating a world without choices or opening up new possibilities.

Let’s engage in a thoughtful discussion on the role of technology in shaping our decision-making landscape.


The short answer is: Yes.

The main reason why I still need a smartphone is because of the need for an app for parking in the city. There are places where you don’t have any option other than the parking app.

Also, suppose you don’t want to activate your ID authenticator (needed for all kinds of government logins and general online payments) on your phone. In that case, you must undergo a bureaucratic process to activate it at your local municipality. There is no option to activate it on the website.


I think it depends on what we consider choices. If we think about privacy and data collection, then with technology, we have no say. It’s just happening. And sometimes we don’t even know it’s happening.


The more that I pay attention to resources such as Rob Braxman’s videos about privacy, the more that I become aware of (new, more) choices that I can make to help to protect my privacy.


@kirkmahoneyphd This is something which you might find interesting:

This type of tech definitely limits my choices.


I was at a bakery the other day waiting in line, and the bulletin board there is full of community notices. The majority of the ones that look interesting to me have QR codes to scan for more info. I was with my 3yo and did not have a smartphone. I was pondering this phenomenon where one requires a smartphone to get information about what is happening in the community. On one hand, it is easier because I am busy enough already and don’t need more right now; on the other hand, part of me would like to know what is going on as well.


@catan I also have a love-hate experience with QR codes.
On one had, yes, I agree, they can be used to provide quick access to info otherwise, you’d have to write down a phone number, a website or some other info & let’s be honest, how many of us carry pens with us these days. However in some cases, scanning QR codes can be cumbersome or time-consuming. Factors such as the need to download a separate scanning app, if your phone is not up-to-date enough to have that function built-in your camera (I have a BBQ10, so scanning is an issue), difficulties in aligning the code properly with the scanner, or slow scanning speeds can contribute to a negative user experience.

Additionally, I’ve heard of instances where malicious QR codes have been used to distribute malware or direct users to phishing websites.

So, yeah, I think our choices are limited when it comes to QR codes.


The QR code menus that started during the pandemic are just ridiculous. What if you don’t have a smartphone? You can’t order?


I used to hate QR codes and wouldn’t use it until I realised it became a much smoother experience.
Especially for connecting to WiFi, typing those crazy passwords seems so last season now.

As for the menus - I prefer a nice, beautifully designed menu… but will pick a QR code over the used up thing they bring you at some bars and cafes. Too many people touched that :red_circle:


The QR code menu thing is OK, if you have internet access.
As you know, I was just in Georgia & a breakfast restaurant we went to had QR code menus. OH lord. The WiFi wasn’t working. It was difficult to communicate & I was hungry.


I have asked for paper menu. They always have them (so far!). I figure it is worth asking so they keep paper menus around…


I love this!
It makes me think that it’s not so much a “world without choices” but rather a world, in which we forget that the choices exist.


Well, I agree with @valleygirl that it depends on how we define “choice”. If I live in a city and part of a community, there will always be some restrictions on personal choice; the society has to work after all.
Another thing to debate, is if someone provides a service that benefits the community, is it good enough if the level of choice fits the majority?
Personally I think technology has its place. My parents worked harder for less, than I do. Tech progress gives me more energy AND time to choose what I want to do with my life in comparison with previous generations.


Great topic. I consider this all the time because there are many cases in which, like in a city, if choose to go into this environment we automatically accept that we will be exposed to many different technological things that we may or may not be aware of.
Security cameras are an example which have been around for many years now.
If an individual is sensitive to EMFs or wifi and experiences negative reactions to them, this vastly limits the choices available to them - where to travel to, what products to interact with, purchase etc.
If they choose to go into a city they are likely preparing themself with protective things (E.G. EMF shielding clothing), mentally preparing themself for the experience and then accepting that they will probably have negative reactions to deal with for the next while (few days, weeks, months perhaps).
Choice is one thing but what about when we don’t have any control or say as to what we’re exposed to?
I would love to live in a world where technology does no harm to any person, animal or plant - that we all choose if we interact with it or not - and where technology enhances life in a harmonious, tranquil manner.
I think this is realistic right now - considering how intelligent many technologically minded people are… Remove money from the equation and perhaps there would be many greater motivations for creating technological things.
I’d like an eco transport (like a car or SUV or something) that makes no noise, no emissions (including EMF and wifi), uses renewable resources for powering itself and dissolves to nothing at end of life. Perhaps I could convince a dragon to fly me around?

What would others like to see created in the world?